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Honda Warranty FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Honda Plus

It is best to purchase Honda Plus at the time you purchase your vehicle, this way your Honda Plus is included in the final financing or cash settlement. But you may purchase a NEW Plus Plan as long as the SxS is still within the manufacturer's warranty.

The Honda Plus plan is only calculated according to time. You have the option to purchase Honda Plus at the same time you purchase your SxS (original registration date and at zero kilometers). Why? Because eligible Honda Plus days begin on the date of your SxS purchase. So if you choose to purchase Honda Plus on day one of owning your SxS, you will maximize your Honda Plus plan. If you choose to purchase a Honda Plus plan after the SxS purchase date, the number of days without Honda Plus will be deducted from your plan. Mileage is unlimited, and therefore not calculated towards Honda Plus plan.

Yes within 60 days you would receive 100% refund. After 60 days a prorated refund (less an admin fee) if the SxS was written off, the SxS was repossessed or if you and the SxS left Canada.

First, use all reasonable means to protect your SxS from further damage resulting from mechanical breakdown or failure. For example: you should stop operating the SxS immediately if warning lights, oil or temperature lights are activated.

Second, return your Honda SxS to your authorized Honda Dealership for repair.