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Storage Tips

ATV Storage Tips

If you won’t be riding for an extended period, such as during the winter, thoroughly inspect your ATV and correct any problem before storing it. That way, needed repairs won’t be forgotten and it will be easier to get your ATV running again.

Refer to the Honda Storage Guide which outlines the procedures to take in order to properly store your ATV. These storage procedures will reduce the deterioration that can occur during storage and ensure your ATV is ready to ride when you are.

Winter storage guide PDF

After Storing Your Honda

When your ATV has been stored for an extended period of time it may require a maintenance tune up in order to be running again. Here are a few tips on what to do after your ATV has been stored.

  • Uncover and clean your ATV. See ATV care page for more tips.
  • If your ATV has been stored for more than two months without Pro Honda fuel stabilizer, ask your Honda dealer to drain and replace the fuel.
  • Perform a pre-ride inspection, then test-ride your ATV at low speeds.
  • Even if you don’t maintain your battery as recommended. The Optimate 3+ charger has a special function designed to bring almost dead batteries back to life and will indicate if the battery as to be replaced. If you used Optimate 3+ during storage just unplug it turn the key and ride!
  • If your ATV has been stored for more than four months, change the engine oil. Before riding your ATV, always check the engine oil level.

For more information refer to your owner’s manual or speak to your local Honda dealer on how to properly store your ATV.

The Honda Hotel

The Honda Hotel is a service of ATV storage and maintenance offered by some of our participating Honda dealers.

We welcome you to the Honda Hotel. It’s the perfect place for your ATV to spend the off-season – being cared for as an honoured guest. Rest assured we’ll treat your Honda like family, because to us, it is!

Find out about your local Honda dealer’s storage services and ask them about all the details.

The Honda Hotel: Safe, Secure and Clean.

Honda Hotel PDF